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Step by Step Car Driving Guidelines

Step by Step Car Driving Guidelines

Driving a vehicle may sound fun but for new drivers, paying close attention to driving tips to get acquainted to key basic rules of driving is important to safe-guard their safety.

Here are some key car driving tips to share with which might save your life in time of emergency;

a. Before starting the vehicle

– Adjust the rear view mirrors properly to get a fine clear rear side view. Adjust yourself in the driving seat to a position where you are most comfortable with. Sit up-right. There should be at least a gap of one-feet between you and the steering wheel to enable a swift control of the steering wheel.
– Make sure that the gear is in neutral position before starting the engine. Stop turning the starter after the engine has started.

– Fasten your safety belt before starting the car. If you have children below 12, always buckle them up in the back seat.

b. Day Time driving

– Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Before making a turn, or changing lanes, turn on your signal at least 20 meters before the turn. Giving signals to others that you wish to make a turning is crucial so that the vehicles close to you will not get too close to you then.

– Obey the traffic lights by all means
– Don’t ever drink and drive. Avoid smoking while driving.
– Avoid zigzag driving. Drive at constant and safe speed.

c. Driving in heavy rain

– Driving in heavy rain can be life-threatening. Therefore try not to drive if it is pouring cats and dogs out there, but to wait till the rain drizzle off before continue your journey. If you really need to drive in heavy rain, focus 100% and drive at a lower speed than in the daytime.
– Don’t overtake other vehicles in heavy rain as that’s very risky because the road is slippery and your vision might have been affected by the pouring rain.

d. Long distance driving

– Rest and take a nap for 20 minutes after 3 hours of continuous driving. A short rest is essential in such case to resume your energy and focus.
– Don’t speed and rush on the highways. Don’t because you wanted to reach the destination faster.

e. Driving at night

– Traffic death is three times greater at night as compared to daytime driving. The darkness at night largely affect the driver’s vision and it is more difficult to judge other vehicles’ speed and distances at night.
– Keep your headlights on low beams to avoid blinding the driver ahead of you.


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