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Handy Tips For Regular Car Driving

Handy Tips For Regular Car Driving

If you are new to car driving we encourage you to read the following car driving tips which would be useful to you while driving on all types of road.

Few handy tips for regular car users:

* Change engine oil as recommended (generally 3 months)
* Proper use and quality of lubricants
* Check Spark Plug regularly
* Check Tire Pressure
* Avoid starting the engine in a hurry,fast or with a jerk
* Avoid starting the engine until you are ready to pull out
* Turn off your air condition for a while in more traffic,on a hilly roads and while planning to overtake a large vehicle
* Put car on neutral gear while stopping a while on signal etc…
* On red-light if more then 2 minutes halt is required switch off the engine
* Do not make habit of resting your foot on clutch pedal while driving
* Try to drive at constant speed
* Do not give hard acceleration on low gears
* Skip a gear (go from 1st to 3rd or 4th) if you are on a flat road or slope
* While driving both hands should be kept on handle, left hand on lower left and right hand on upper right
* Avoid driving when you are angry or upset
* Build up speed before approaching a hill to avoid fuel-wasting hard acceleration while going up the slope
* Keep your car neat and clean from inside as well as outside.

You can decrease the amount of fuel your car consume by keeping in mind the steps described above and achieve 40% better economy than most of the drivers.


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